Ceramics – The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester

The Gallery at Bevere in Worcester is a regional centre for ceramics, offering high
quality exhibitions of the works of internationally known, quality ceramicists.

Below is our current list of ceramic works. We are constantly updating our exhibits so please visit us again soon.

– The Gallery At Bevere –   (view Gallery).

Billy Adams   (view Gallery).

View 'Ba6 Rock - A - Billy Jug'View 'Ba7 Roisin Vessel'View 'Ba5 Petrified Form'View 'Ba2 Landscape Planter'View 'Ba1 Isca Vessel'

Dorte Ahrenkiel   (view Gallery).

View 'Da3 Mug'View 'Da2 Small Beaker'

Gunizi Amirak   (view Gallery).

View 'Ga85 Nibble Bowl - Blue'

Tim Andrews   (view Gallery).

View '55 Ta10 Deep Black/white Striped Form'

Duncan Ayscough   (view Gallery).

Heather Barningham   (view Gallery).

Jonathan Barrett- Danes   (view Gallery).

Hayne Bayless   (view Gallery).

View '19 Hb4 Salad Plate'

Jenny Beavan   (view Gallery).

View '20 Jbev 20 Oscillation'

Kochevet Bendavid   (view Gallery).

John Beusmans   (view Gallery).

View 'Carn Pottery - Ct4 Cat - Large Looking Forward'View 'Carn Pottery - Ct5 Cat - Large Looking Back'View 'Carn  Pottery N28- Very Large Buttress Pott'View 'Carn Pottery  N38  -large Multifaceted Vase'View 'Carn Pottery N13 Large Oval Vase'View 'Carn Pottery -large Cat Vase'View 'Carn Pottery - Medium Large Oval Vase'View 'Carn Pottery - Tall Stone Shaped Bottle'View 'Carn Pottery Very Large Stone Bottle (2)'View 'Carn Pottery  -very Large Stone Shaped Bottle'

Jane Bevan   (view Gallery).

Petra Bittl   (view Gallery).

View '91 Pb14 Pillow Box'

Matthew Blakely   (view Gallery).

View 'Mb16 Small Impressed  Platter'View 'Mb15 Impressed Platter'View 'Mb14 Small Ragged Vessel'View 'Mb13 Ragged Vessel'View 'Mb12 Large Ragged Dish'View 'Mb11 Medium Impressed Dish 0n Feet'View 'Mb9 Medium Wavy Dish With Drips'View 'Mb8 Ragged Lidded Jar'View 'Mb6 Wavy Teapot'View 'Mb5 Ragged Bowl (3)'View 'Mb4 Ragged Bowl (2)'View 'Mb3 Ragged Bowl'View 'Mb2 Wavy Bowl'View 'Mb1 Small Wavy Bowl'View 'Mb19 Tilted Teapot'

Dave Boddy   (view Gallery).

View 'Db26 Bottle'View 'Db25 Flask'View 'Db19 Medium Jug'View 'Db17 Bottle'View 'Db15 Vase'View 'Db23 Tankard'View 'Db7 Large Plate'View 'Db3 Flask'View 'Db2 Jug'

Liz Bowe   (view Gallery).

View 'Lb6 Bowl'

Liz Bryant   (view Gallery).

John Bull   (view Gallery).

View 'Jb10 Small Sentinal - Mirror Black'View 'Jb9 Small Bishop  - Mirror Black'View 'Jb7 Small Pewter Bowl'View 'Jb5 Large Pewter Bowl'View 'Jb4 Large Pewter Bowl'View 'Jb3 Small Sentinal - Pewter'View 'Jb2 Small Rock- Pewter'View 'Jb1 Small Bishop - Pewter'

Matthew Chambers   (view Gallery).

Wayne Clark   (view Gallery).

View 'Wc8 Shallow Dish'View 'Wc2 Tea Bowl'View 'Wc11 Open Bowl'View 'Wc10 Open Bowl'

Rosemary Cochrane   (view Gallery).

View 'Rc12/2,6 & 5  Mugs'

Harriet Coleridge   (view Gallery).

View 'Hc14 Small Bottle'View 'Hc12 Small Jug With Spout'

Megan Collins   (view Gallery).

View 'Mc1 Large Vase'

Liz Collinson   (view Gallery).

Alyson Cook   (view Gallery).

View 'Ac15 Large Stoneware Bowl'View 'Ac13 Small Earthenware Bowl'View 'Ac14 Large Stoneware Bowl'

Prue Cooper   (view Gallery).

Emmanuel Cooper   (view Gallery).

View 'Ec53 Blue Jug'

Chris Cox   (view Gallery).

View 'Chc24 Vessel'View 'Chc23 Large Vase'View 'Chc22 Vase'View 'Chc21 Small Vessel'View 'Chc20 Porcelain Tea Bowl'View 'Chc19 Porcelain Tea Bowl'View 'Chc18 Porcelain Tea Bowl'View 'Chc16 Porcelain Tea Bowl'View 'Chc14 Straight Sided Beaker'View 'Chc13 Straight Sided Beaker'View 'Chc12 Straight Sided Beaker'View 'Chc11 Small Bottle Form'View 'Chc10  Straight Sided Beaker'View 'Chc7  Porcelain Tea Bowl'View 'Ch3 Porcelain  Beakerl'

May Criado   (view Gallery).

Clare Crouchman   (view Gallery).

Clare Curtis   (view Gallery).

View 'Cc4 Fragmented Form'

Louise Darby   (view Gallery).

View 'Ld22 Flared Vase 4 - Green'View 'Ld10 Flared Textured Vase 1- Blue'View 'Lg11 Flared Textured Vase - Blue'View 'Ld02 Cat Vase 2'View 'Ld01 Elliptical Vase 2'View 'Ld24 Pierced Cylinder (3) Green'

Laura De Benedetti Bud   (view Gallery).

View 'Lb19 Cup And Saucer'View 'Lb17 Cup And Saucer'View 'Lb11 Stem Cup'View 'Lb9 Stem Cup'View 'Lb8 Stem Cups'View 'Lb7 Raised Dish'View 'Lb6 Large Bowl'View 'Lb5 Teapot'View 'Lb3 Medium Bowl'View 'Lb2 Medium Bowl'View 'Lb1 Medium Bowl'

Isabel Denyer   (view Gallery).

View 'Id2 Teapot'View 'Id1 Teapot With Cane Handle'

Jack Doherty   (view Gallery).

View 'Jd9 Unomi 3'View 'Jd8 Unomi 2'View 'Rd2 White Vase'

Bridget Drakeford   (view Gallery).

View 'Bd13 Copper Green Bottle'

Françoise Dufayard   (view Gallery).

View 'Fd1 Small Square Plate'

Sue Dyer   (view Gallery).

View 'Sd1    Vase'

Ken Eastman   (view Gallery).

Nigel Edmondson   (view Gallery).

Ross Emerson   (view Gallery).

Annabel Faraday   (view Gallery).

Kim Ford   (view Gallery).

View 'Kf12 Vessel - Black &  Turquoise'View 'Kf11 Vessel - Black & Turquoise'View 'Kf9 Vessel - Reddish/brown'

Penny Fowler   (view Gallery).

Margaret Frith   (view Gallery).

View 'David & Margaret Frith'

Ronnie Fulton   (view Gallery).

View 'Rf11 The Fishwife'View '50 Rf7 Ship Of Fools'View '48 Rf5 The Hen Party'View '46 Rf3 The Brothers'View '45 Rf2 Cold Day At Eden'View '44 Rf1  Janet & Brad'

Ninna Gøtzsche   (view Gallery).

Linda Gates   (view Gallery).

Magdalena Gazur   (view Gallery).

View 'Mg53 Organic Form  2'

Tim Gee   (view Gallery).

View 'Tg 21 Soft Cylinder'

Carolyn Genders   (view Gallery).

View 'Pattern, Colour And Form  - New Approaches To Creativity'

Charlotte Green   (view Gallery).

Jennifer Hall   (view Gallery).

View 'Jh8 Breakdfast Cup & Saucer ( S G + B )'

Morgen Hall   (view Gallery).

View '64   Mh1 Tea Caberet Set'

Janet Hamer   (view Gallery).

View 'The Potter's Dictionary - Book Of The Month - April 2009'

Jane Hamlyn   (view Gallery).

View 'Jh48 Bowl'View 'Jh47 Bowl'View 'Jh46 Mug'View 'Jh45 Mug'View 'Jh44 Mug'View 'Jh33 Large Green Bowl'View 'Jh40  Corrugated Pot'View 'Jh2 Teapot'View 'Jh 16 Casserole'

Lisa Hammond   (view Gallery).

View '94 Lh9 Small Black & White Shino Chawan'

Steve Harrison   (view Gallery).

View 'Sh8 Bowl'View 'Sh7 Bowl'View 'Sh5 Bowl'View 'Sh4 Bowl'View 'Sh3 Bowl'View 'Sh2 Bowl'

Aase Haugaard   (view Gallery).

View '74 Ah18 Organic Blue Bowl'View '69 Ah13 Organic Dark Form With Ears'View '65  Ah9 Wavy Porcelain Bowl'View '68 Ah12 Organic Red/grey Porcelain Bowl'View '66 Ah10 Wavy Porcelean Bowl'View '57   Ah1 Organic Vessel'

Andrew Hazelden   (view Gallery).

Regina Heinz   (view Gallery).

View '28 Rh9 Point Of View'

John Higgins   (view Gallery).

View 'Jh1 Large Winged Vessel'View 'Jh3 Medium Yellow Wing Vessel'View 'Jh2 Medium Brown Wing Vessel'

Pete Higgs   (view Gallery).

Mark Hilde   (view Gallery).

View '124  Mh3 Hurricane (blue/black)'

Akiko Hirai   (view Gallery).

View '70 Ah8 Sake Cup'

Thomas Hoadley   (view Gallery).

View '9 Th851 Tall Vessel'

Thomas Hopkins – Gibson   (view Gallery).

View '41 Thg Insert Bowl'

Ashley Howard   (view Gallery).

View '48 Ah9 Teabowl With Enamel Collage'

Joanna Howells   (view Gallery).

View 'Jh7 Jug'

Paul Jackson   (view Gallery).

Jeremy James   (view Gallery).

View '/jj1 Cock - Crow'

Emma Johnstone   (view Gallery).

David Jones   (view Gallery).

View 'Dj12 Black Metalised Bowl'

Jill Fanshawe Kato   (view Gallery).

View '179 Jfk41 Vessel With Blue Handle'

Lisa Katzenstein.   (view Gallery).

Daniel Kavanagh   (view Gallery).

View 'Dk2 Vessel With Wings'

Walter Keeler   (view Gallery).

View '21 Wk21 ' E ' Ware Jug'

Christy Keeney   (view Gallery).

Sun Kim   (view Gallery).

Jean-paul Landreau   (view Gallery).

View 'Jpl3 Hand Built Vase'

Gilles Le Corre   (view Gallery).

John Leach   (view Gallery).

View 'Jl17 Lugged Flask With Ash Glaze'

Jacqueline B Lewis   (view Gallery).

View 'Jbl11 Wrapped Vessel'

Roger Lewis   (view Gallery).

Sue Littlechild   (view Gallery).

View 'Sl4  Two Bowls On Slab Base'View 'Sl2  Grey Bowl On Curved Base'

Martin Lungley   (view Gallery).

View 'Ml140 Sugar Bowl'View 'Ml139 Teapot'View 'Ml138 Large Jug With Handle'View 'Ml136 Small Jug'View 'Ml135 Small Jug'View '131 Ml5 Mug'View '127 Ml1 Tea Bowl'

Sally Macdonell   (view Gallery).

Pietro Elia Maddalena   (view Gallery).

Will Levi Marshall   (view Gallery).

View 'Wlm  74 Wall Panel'

Marcio Mattos   (view Gallery).

View 'Mm4 Chawan'View 'Mm3 Standing Form'View 'Mm2 Jug'View 'Mm175 Decorative Plate'

Mark Melbourne   (view Gallery).

Eric James Mellon   (view Gallery).

Eric Moss   (view Gallery).

View 'Em2 Medium  Squid'View 'Em14 Small Seedpod'

John Leach Muchelney Pottery-   (view Gallery).

View 'Jl22 Extra Large Jug'View 'Jl8 Footed Desert Bowl'View 'Jl7 Supper Plate'View 'Jf6 Tea Plate'View 'Jl4 Vegetable Dish'

Rebekah Narewski   (view Gallery).

Susan Nemeth   (view Gallery).

Andrew Niblett   (view Gallery).

View 'An33 Tiny Bowl'

Rachel Padley   (view Gallery).

Andrew Palin   (view Gallery).

Jitka Palmer   (view Gallery).

View 'Jp6 Bird Watching'View 'Jp6 Pears'View 'Jp4  Narcissus'View 'Jp3 Earthy'View 'Jp2  Pure'View 'Jtp1 New York Deli- Large Bowl'

Pauline Paterson   (view Gallery).

View '206 Pp10 Squared Dish'

Barbara Phelps   (view Gallery).

View 'Bp1 Plaque  - Wirescape'

Richard Phethean   (view Gallery).

Jonathan Phillips   (view Gallery).

View 'Jp 7 Utensil Pot'View 'Jph4 Yunomi'View 'Jph2 Oval Vase'View 'Jph1 Dish'

John Pollex   (view Gallery).

View 'Jp26 Small Square Dish'View 'Jp31 Large Jug'View 'Jp28 Teapot'View 'Jp25 Small Square Dish'View 'Jp24 Small Square Dish'View 'Jp23 Small Square Dish'View 'Jp16 Tea Bowl'View 'Jp15 Tea Bowl'View 'Jp14 Small Jug'View 'Jp13 Small Jug'View 'Jp10 Small Jug'View 'Jp7 Mug'View 'Jp2 Mug'View 'Jp1 Mug'

Amanda Popham   (view Gallery).

View 'Ap7 Spotted Cat'

Ramp   (view Gallery).

View 'Ra08t Large Jug'

Nick Rees   (view Gallery).

David Rhys Jones   (view Gallery).

Andrew Richards   (view Gallery).

View 'Ar1 Yunomi (teabowl)'

Christine -ann Richards   (view Gallery).

View 'Large Urn - Fire'

Nicola Richards   (view Gallery).

View 'Nr12 Bowl  - Urchin Pattern  ( Large )'View 'Nr11 Bowl  - Multi Pattern'View 'Nr5 Small  Tall Pot With Neck - Urchin Pattern'

Jim Robison   (view Gallery).

Phil Rogers   (view Gallery).

Nathalie Roset   (view Gallery).

Vivienne Ross   (view Gallery).

View 'Vr36 Mug'

Nici Ruggiero   (view Gallery).

View 'Nr4 Large Geo Form'View 'Nr3 Exagerated Pucker Pot - Large'View 'Nr2 Medium Geo Form'View 'Nr1 Round Geo Form'View 'Nr7  Pucker  Pot 2 ( Small)'

Vicky Shaw   (view Gallery).

View 'Vs35 Untitled Porcelain Print 3'View 'Vs34 Untitled Porcelain Print 2'View 'Vs32 Two Bowls Composition'View 'Vs 10 Bowl & Cylinder Composition 2'

Jane Sleator   (view Gallery).

View 'Jas4 Wood Knot'

Daniel Smith   (view Gallery).

View 'Ds 62 Vase'View 'Ds 56 Small Jug'View 'Ds 54 Small Oil Bottle'View 'Ds 51 Shot Cup'View 'Ds 47 T- Light Holder'View 'Ds 45 T- Light Holder'View 'Ds 43 T- Light Holder'View 'Ds 39 Beaker'View 'Ds 38 Beaker'View 'Ds 37 Beaker'View 'Ds 36 Beaker'

Emma Summers   (view Gallery).

View 'Es4 Sock'View 'Es3 Pants'View 'Es2 Shirt'View 'Es1 Waistcoat'

Kyoko Takahashi   (view Gallery).

View 'Kt3 Blue Flat Form'

Kaori Tatebayashi   (view Gallery).

View 'Kt16 Kurocha Plate'View 'Kt1 Kohiki Cup And Saucer'

Sam Taylor   (view Gallery).

View '39st Big Tumbler'

Toon Thijs   (view Gallery).

View '55 Tt11b Klein Vitalis 2'View '54 Tt11a Klein Vitalis 1'

Yo Thom   (view Gallery).

Fiona Thompson   (view Gallery).

Ruthanne Tudball   (view Gallery).

View 'Rt,25,  103/4/5/6 Small Yunomi'View 'Rt30 109 Small Jar'

Craig Underhill   (view Gallery).

View 'Cu3 Red Field Landscape'

Joanna Veevers   (view Gallery).

Patricia Volk   (view Gallery).

Josie Walter   (view Gallery).

Amanda Weight   (view Gallery).

View '25 Aw3 Still Life Sketch-'

Gilda Westermann   (view Gallery).

View 'Gw12  Vessel With Lid'View 'Gw6 Mug 2'View 'Gw4 Cylindrical Vase'View '/ Gw2 Tall Bottle  Vase'

Gilly Whittington   (view Gallery).

View '/ Gwh 2  Twist Vase'

Kate Wickham   (view Gallery).

View 'Kw3 (5)  Three Candles'

Maggie Williams   (view Gallery).

Pierre Williams   (view Gallery).

View 'Ppw5 Seated Male Nude'

Sue Wong   (view Gallery).

View 'Sw3 New York Vase 1'

Gary Wood   (view Gallery).

View 'Gw1 Portal 3'View 'Gw8 Tea Bowl'View 'Gw7 Tea Bowl'View 'Gw6 Tea Bowl'

Rachel Wood   (view Gallery).

Patty Wouters   (view Gallery).

Takeshi Yasuda   (view Gallery).

View '39 Ty02 Porcelain Bowl'

The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester