Sculpture – The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester

The Gallery at Bevere near the City of Worcester UK is a regional centre of excellence showing and selling high quality
inside and outdoor sculpture in pottery, metalwork, wood, stone and other media by highly skilled craftsmen.

Sculpture trail in the woods and gardens during the Summer months.

Below is our current list of sculptural pieces. We are constantly updating our exhibits so please visit us again soon.

– The Gallery At Bevere –   (view Gallery).

Billy Adams   (view Gallery).

View 'Ba2 Landscape Planter'View 'Ba1 Isca Vessel'

Jonathan Barrett- Danes   (view Gallery).

View 'Jbd24 Lamb'

Peter Beard   (view Gallery).

View 'Pb1 Shell'View 'Pb4 Head'

Dominic Clare   (view Gallery).

Rachel Ducker   (view Gallery).

View 'Rd6 Sitting'

Sue Dyer   (view Gallery).

Nigel Edmondson   (view Gallery).

View 'Nle31 Large Fissure Pot'View 'Nle30 Large Fissure Pot'View 'Nle29 Planter'View 'Nle28 Planter'View 'Nle27 Planter'View 'Nle26 Planter'View 'Nle24 Planter'View 'Nle18 Planter With Plants'View 'Nle22 Planter'View 'Nle21planter'

Sally Fawkes   (view Gallery).

View 'Chance Exchange'View 'Ephemeral Skies'

Magdalena Gazur   (view Gallery).

View 'Mg53 Organic Form  2'

Katie Green   (view Gallery).

Sally Harris   (view Gallery).

View 'Sh15 Bronze Indian Runner Drake 24/45'View 'Sh14 Indian Runner Duck Gd 1/40'View 'Sh13  Black Indian Runner Duck'

Peter Hayes   (view Gallery).

View 'Raku'View 'Ph15 Raku Pelos With Blue Wave'View 'Ph3 Red Fantail'View 'Ph4 Red Form'

Pete Higgs   (view Gallery).

View 'Ph7 Autumn Leaf ( Medium )'View 'Ph6 Autumn Leaf ( Large )'View 'Ph5 Autumn Leaf ( Medium )'View 'Ph4 Autumn Leaf ( Medium )'View 'Ph3  Autumn Leaf - Small'View 'Ph1   Autumn Leaf - Small'View 'Large Autumn Leaf ( Planter)'

Paul Jackson   (view Gallery).

View 'Pj21 Sculpture 'us''

Richard Jackson   (view Gallery).

View 'Guarding The Heart'

Jeremy James   (view Gallery).

View '/jj1 Cock - Crow'

Christy Keeney   (view Gallery).

View 'Ck29 Horse'

Neil Lossock   (view Gallery).

View 'Nl3 Allium'

John Maltby   (view Gallery).

View 'Jm5 Family & Boat'

Rowan Mckay   (view Gallery).

View 'Bedded Form'

& Priest Ostinelli   (view Gallery).

View 'Icarus'View 'Tears  Of Joy'View 'Blue Dreams'

Rachel Padley   (view Gallery).

View 'Rp11 Flora'

Jitka Palmer   (view Gallery).

View 'Jp3 Earthy'View 'Jp2  Pure'

Christine -ann Richards   (view Gallery).

View 'Large Urn - Fire'

Jim Robison   (view Gallery).

Lily Sawtell   (view Gallery).

View 'Against The Flow - Round Plaque'View 'After Klimpt The Kiss-'

Jonathan Stringer   (view Gallery).

View 'Short Flight'

Andrew Trotman   (view Gallery).

View 'Unzipped Bench'View 'Leapspring Bench'

Patricia Volk   (view Gallery).

View 'Pv5 Blue Head And Shoulders'

Carole Waller   (view Gallery).

View 'Cw3 Figure - 2   Glass Panels'

Amanda Weight   (view Gallery).

Rachel Wood   (view Gallery).

The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester