Jewellery – The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester

The Gallery at Bevere near the City of Worcester is a regional centre of excellence showing and selling some
high quality hand crafted Jewellery using semi precious stones and beads by highly esteemed makers.

Below is our current list of our jewellery. We are constantly updating our exhibits so please visit us again soon.

Jane Bevan   (view Gallery).

Simone Bremner   (view Gallery).

View 'Sb53/59 & Sb65 Lollipop Ring'View 'Sb51 Glass Bobble & Silver Earrings'View 'Sb50 Glass Bobble & Silver Earrings'View 'Sb49 Glass Bobble & Silver Earrings'View 'Sb47 Glass Bobble & Silver Earrings'View 'Sb46 Single Bobble Bracelet'View 'Sb45 Three Bobble Bracelet'View 'Sb40 Blue And Ivory  Necklace'View 'Sb39 Blue And Ivory  Necklace'

— Flo   (view Gallery).

View 'Flo14 Azurite'View 'Flo18 Large Aquamarine Flat Ovals With African Brass  Necklace'View 'Flo17 Jade, Brass & Red African Trade Necklace'View 'Flo16 Amozonbite & Red African Trade Necklace'View 'Flo13 Aquaramarine & African Brass Leaf'View 'Flo11 Coral, Turquoise & African Brass'View 'Flo2 Chalcedony & Mountain Jade Necklace'View 'Flo1 Large Aquamarine Necklace'

Cristy Keeney ( Jewellery )   (view Gallery).

Blake & Janette Mackinnon   (view Gallery).

View 'Mac115 Large Hollow Teracotta Jubly Bead Earrings'

Kathryn Partington   (view Gallery).

Joanna Veevers   (view Gallery).

View 'D6 Lettering Brooch'View 'D5 Lettering Brooch'View 'B4 Cat Brooch'View 'D3 & D4 Rectangular Flowers Brooch'View 'D! & D2  Rectangular Hands Brooch'View 'C3 & C4 Lace Disc'View 'C1 & C2  Lace Band Brooch'View 'B7 Cross Brooch'View 'B1 & B2 Owl Brooches'View 'A6 - A10 Cuff Links'View 'A2 Earrings - Cats'View 'B6 Russian Doll Brooch'

Tessa Wolfe Murray   (view Gallery).

The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester