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Edmands, Trevor
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Born in 1936, Trevor Edmands studied at Leeds College of Art in the 1960s to the mid 1970s.
He has since exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and in USA with key exhibitions being held in London, Cincinatti, Germany and Italy.
His work is characterised by immense variety and remarkable inventiveness.

Edmondson, Libby
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Libby’s Paintings
“I do not have any deep or intense philosophy about my work but I love the act of painting of picking up paint and putting it onto a canvas it’s a one-off mark every time and therefore exciting and without guarantee!
I live in a wonderful environment a both geographically and spiritually rich place…

Edmondson, Nigel
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Nigel’s Ceramics

All of the work is handbuilt using slab construction, coiling and, occasionally, throwing and coiling in combination. Craft-crank and ‘T’ material are used, fired to 1250°C in oxidation, only limited use is made of glazes with colour coming from metal oxides and high firing slips…

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