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Nakajima, Hiromi
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Working with animals makes me very happy, and one way I can share this is through the ceramics I make.

Animal behaviour is so expressive and entertaining that I feel as if they can almost talk.
I believe that smiling is very important in life, and it is my hope that the animals I create will, in turn, bring a smile to your face.

Nemeth, Susan
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My current work is influenced by fabric designs from the 1950’s and 60’s. The painters, Ben Nicholson, Paul Klee and Eva Hesse influence some pieces.
I am a designer and maker of handmade porcelain vases, bowls and decorative platters, 12cm – 40cm in diameter.
The decoration is integral using inlays of coloured clays and slips…

Niblett, Andrew
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Andrew has had an affinity with clay from the moment his parents bought him his first potter’s wheel at the age of five. Enthusiastic schoolteachers encouraged this early enjoyment of art, in particular clay…

Nichols, Jeremy
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I make saltglazed domestic pots, specialising in teapots together with jugs, mugs and cups of varying shapes and sizes. These have been steadily evolving since 2000 when I started experimenting with open handles as an alternative to the closed loops conventionally used in ceramics…

Nottage, Helen
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Helen graduated from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff in 2002, with a BA (Hons.) Ceramics. She has since completed an MA at Wolverhampton University.
She has used her MA to develop her professional practise and to branch out into different areas of artNottage; developing work to be encountered in different realms such as public art and gallery pieces…

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