Paintings – The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester

The Gallery at Bevere, on the outskirts of Worcester UK is a regional centre for art, offering
high quality exhibitions of original paintings by well known highly regarded artists.

Below is our current list of watercolours, oils, acrylics and other mixed media
work. We are constantly updating our exhibits so please visit us again soon.

Thelma Ayre   (view Gallery).

View 'White Water'View 'Estuary'View 'Landscape Patterns'View 'Orkney Remembered'View 'Winter In Orkney'View 'An English Spring'View 'Sunlight Field'View 'Stretton Hills'View 'Old Fort New Moon'View 'Figures In Landscape'View 'Catching The Light'

Clinton Banbury   (view Gallery).

View 'Cp33 You Are My Favourite Dinaaur'View 'Cp41 Muddy Little Piglet'View 'Cp39 Light Lunch'

Pascale Bigot   (view Gallery).

View 'Debut De Matinee En Provence'View 'Aurore Tuscane'

Michael Brazier   (view Gallery).

View 'Westwards From British Camp'

Antony Bridge   (view Gallery).

View 'Ab34 Pochade Of Malverns From Castlemorton 2009'View 'Ab33  Malvern Beacon From Below'View 'Ab32  Malvern Hills From Bransford'View 'Ab31 Malverns From Castlemorton 7am'View 'Ab30 Castlemorton Malvern'View 'Ab29 Jubilee Drive Malvern'View 'Ab28 British Camp Summer'View 'Ab27 Worcester Cathedral'View 'Ab26 Malverns From  Castlemorton'View 'Ab25 Malvern Hills Looking South'View 'Ab24 Malvern Hills  From Callow End'View 'Ab23 Malvern Hills   2009'View 'Ab21 Swanage Dorset'View 'Ab19 Zig Zag'View 'Ab22 Worms Head  Gower 2007'View 'Ab8 British Camp'View 'Ab9 Welsh Morning'View 'Ab7 Malvern From Castle Morton'View 'Ab1 Malvern Hills From Brtish Camp'View 'Ab10 Worcester Technical College'View 'Ab16 Great Malvern Hotel And British Camp'

Valerie Briggs   (view Gallery).

View 'Vb26 Red Squirrels Diptych - The Chase - The Leap'View 'Vb27 Red Squirrels Diptych - The Chase - The Retreat'View 'Vb25 Hares Moondancers 4'View 'Vb24 Red Squirrels The Chase'View 'Exmoor Landscape  Heralds Of Summer'

Howard Coles   (view Gallery).

View 'First Light Hc839'View 'Tide Marks Hc687'View 'Dawn Hc566'

Ian Cruickshank   (view Gallery).

View 'Eilean Donan Castle'View 'Cotswold View Nr Chipping Campden'View 'Nantile - Snowdonia'View 'At Rest - Polperro'View 'Resting On The Dart'View 'Church At Earls Croome'View 'Platfom 6 - Paddington'View 'Boats At Berth -  Porthmadog'View 'River Glaslyn - Beddgelett'View 'Low Tide'View 'Snow Fields'View 'A Home In The Country'View '" Close The Gate Behind You "'View 'Wast Water - Lake District'View 'Church Street At Windrush'View 'Bigbury Beach'View 'Gloucester Farmstead'View 'Windrush Church'View 'Distant View Near Campden'View 'Sunny Lane Cotswolds -  Uk'View 'Herefordshire Fields'View 'Pirton Copse'View 'Claines Church- Worcester Uk'View 'Cotswold Bridge In Snow'View 'A Cotswold Farm'

Julie Davis   (view Gallery).

View 'Holly'View 'Scold's Bridle'View 'Holly 2'View 'Scolds Bride 3'

Trevor Edmands   (view Gallery).

View '1 Woman In Red'View '7 Museum Piece'View '3 Czech Seamstress'View '6 Reclining Figure With Fruit'View '4 Woman With Shawl'View '2  The Naked Artist'

Libby Edmondson   (view Gallery).

View 'Aira Beck  3'View 'Crosscanby Beach'

Laura Ferguson   (view Gallery).

View 'Lf 29 Utensils 2'View 'Lf27 Magees Shelf'

Beth Fletcher   (view Gallery).

View 'Bf21 Rockpools, Blurred Horizon'View 'Bf24 Abermawr Study'View 'Bf20 Green Seashore'View 'Bf22 Last Of The Snow'View 'Bf18  Hillside. Mist Descending'View 'Bf12 A Sea Of Summer Air'View 'Bf8  Black Rocks - Black Wave'

Matt Forster   (view Gallery).

View 'Pine'View 'Snow Scene'View 'Silver Birch'

Magdalena Gazur   (view Gallery).

View 'Blue Landscape 3'View 'Blue Landscape2'View 'Blue Landscape 1'View 'Landscape'View 'Blue Landscape 5'View 'Blue Landscape 6'View 'Blue Landscape 4'View 'Blue Line'

James Hall   (view Gallery).

View 'Spring Flooded Pathway Nr Clent'

John Harris   (view Gallery).

View 'Jh39 Avon Below Comberton'View 'Jh38 Malverns Dawn'View 'Jh37 Malvern Hills'View 'Jh36 Winter Trees'View 'Jh35 Avon At Fladbury'View 'Jh34 Autumn Trees'View 'Jh29 Llanelly Hill Cottages'View 'Jh27 Cywarch Valley'View 'Jh24 Headland'View 'Jh22 Goodrich Castle, River Wye'View 'Jh21 River Usk'View 'Jh20 Coastal Lines'View 'Jh19 Receding Severn'View 'Jh16 Rivers Edge'View 'Jh 12 Spring Woodland'

Claire Harrison   (view Gallery).

View 'Ch22 Three Japanese Anemones'View 'Ch17 Pink Anenomes'View 'Ch16 Echinacea & Seed Heads'View 'Ch15 Orange Garden'

Mike Healey   (view Gallery).

View 'Cornfield'View 'Droitwich Canal'View 'Mechanical Workshop'View 'Chelsea 1'View 'Chelsea 2- Blue'

Sam Hewitt   (view Gallery).

View 'The Avon At Cropthorne'View 'Main Square 2'View 'Festival Hall'View 'South Bank Fountain'View 'Main Square 1'View 'North Street'View 'Bond Street'View 'South Bank 2'View 'South Bank 1'View 'Queens Road'

Sue Howells   (view Gallery).

View 'Shepherds Delight'View 'Rolling Clouds'View 'Wilderness Cottage'View 'Venice  Summer'View 'Talley Cottage'

Christopher Hughes   (view Gallery).

View '3. Malvern Hills'

Amelia Humber   (view Gallery).

View 'Blacksboat'View 'Devoran'View 'Chapeltown'View 'Eilain'View 'Morlich'View 'Cromdale'View 'Glenfirness'View 'Emsworth'View 'Lovaton'View 'Chillingham'View 'Speybridge'View 'Yarrow'View 'Carlton'View 'Horndon'View 'Cornwood'View 'Cambrose'View 'Crantock'

Martina Jirankova – Limbrick   (view Gallery).

View 'Cockerel'View 'Hello'

Huw Jones   (view Gallery).

View 'Bryn Awel'View 'Cymunod'View 'Pen Y Craig'View 'Craiglwyd'

Linda Judkins   (view Gallery).

View 'Lj38 Peonies'View 'Lj33 Willows'View 'Lj20 Foothills & Clouds'View 'Lj18 Garden Roses'View 'Lj17 Spring Haze Dorset  - Uk'View 'Lj11 Above Langdale'

Trudy Lynn   (view Gallery).

View 'Tl 8 Traces In The Sand'View 'Tl 7 Can You Hear The Silence'View 'Tl 2  Find Something Within'View 'Tl 1 Beyond A Dream Awaken'

Ian Mac Culloch   (view Gallery).

View 'Im30 Psycho 14/40'View 'Im28 London Moggie A/p'

Pete Marsh   (view Gallery).

View 'Winter Track To Pendleburys'View 'Light Over Rivington'

James Martin   (view Gallery).

View 'Mountain Pass'View 'Misty Mountains'View 'Rising Mist'

Niall Mc William   (view Gallery).

View 'Field Rythams - Lammermiur'View 'Lammermiur Patterns'View 'Crimson Light- Camusdarach Shore'View 'Sea Grass Dance  2'View 'Sea Breakers - Towards The Bass Rock'View 'Pool Of Light 2'

Eric James Mellon – 85th Birthday Celebration   (view Gallery).

View 'Flowers & Fruit In Bowl'View 'Small Flowers'View 'Flowers & Fruit'View 'Lady ( Portrait )'View 'Coates, Near Petworth, W Sussex'View 'Trees'View 'Racham, Nr Parham Sussex 1971'View 'Landscape'View 'Jessica Sitting In An Arm Chair'View 'Peresephone, Cerebus, Ascalophus'View 'Persephone'

Richard Pargeter   (view Gallery).

View 'Sailing Boats'

Janine Partington   (view Gallery).

View 'Jp104 Small Enamel'View 'Jp103 Small Enamel'View 'Jp102 Small Enamel'View 'Jp101 Small Enamel'View 'Jp100 Small Enamel'View 'Jp99 Small Enamel'View 'Jp98 Small Enamel'View 'Jp97 Small Enamel'View 'Jp96 Small Enamel'View 'Jp95 Small Enamel'View 'Jp94 Small Enamel'View 'Jp93   Small Enamel'View 'Jp92 Honesty'View 'Jp91 Small Enamel'View 'Jp90  Small Enamel'View 'Jp89 Small Enamel'View 'Jp88 Small Enamel'View 'Jp87 Oak'View 'Jp86 Small Enamel'View 'Jp85 Honesty'View 'Jp63 Small Enamel'View 'Jp60 Small Enamel'View 'Jp25 Ferns'View 'Jp31 Wheatfield'

Isla Pearson   (view Gallery).

View 'Threshold 2'View 'Threshold 1'

Rob Peel   (view Gallery).

View '116 Rp12  Firle Park'View '105 Rp1 Memoriews Of St Justinians'

Joanna Powell   (view Gallery).

View 'Cloud Over The Barley, Worcestershire, Uk'View 'Fields Of Oil Seed Rape, Worcestershire'View 'Early Summer, Worcestershire'View 'Along The Severn Valley'View 'Winter Landscape, Worcestershire'

Michael Praed   (view Gallery).

View 'Beach Boats'View 'On The Market (1)'View 'Morning Oranges, Newlyn'

John Robinson   (view Gallery).

View 'Self Portrait As A Musician (2)'View 'Albrecht Imagines Himself By The River'View 'Self Portrait Of A Musician'View 'Musician At Albrecht's Birthday (  Self Portrait )'

Patricia Saddington   (view Gallery).

View 'Ps10 Carnyorth, Pendeen'View 'Ps9 Shoreline 1'

Michael Salt   (view Gallery).

View 'Looking South -  Malvern'View 'Winter's Lane'View 'The Boat House'View 'Snowdonia'View 'The Boat Yard'View 'Ms5 Poppy Field'

John Scott Martin   (view Gallery).

View 'Jsm21  Crows Over Kenid Jack, West Penwith'View 'Jsm20 Atlantic Edge West Penwith'

Brian Steventon   (view Gallery).

View 'Bs11 Moored On The Alde'View 'Bs10 Summer Haze – Hoo Brook'View 'Bs8 Towards Glenridding – Ullswater From Green Hill'View 'Bs9 Catbells From The Edge Of Keswick'View 'Bs7 Low Tide At Gweek'View 'Bs6 Evening Light Afon Gwaur Estuary'View 'Bs5 Evening Camber Sands'View 'Bs1 Light Thro' The Bracken - River Severn Worcester'View 'Bs2 Clee Hill And Severn Vale'

Paul Talbot – Greaves   (view Gallery).

View 'Scarfell From Scarfell Pike'View 'Between Showers - Patterdale Landscape'View 'Autumn Woods- Jerusalem Farm'

Jonathan Taylor   (view Gallery).

View 'Jt37 Worcester 6am'View 'Jt46 Friar Street Worcester'View 'Jt45 Christmas Market - Worcester Uk'View 'Jt44 Early Morning Light'View 'Jt43 The Old Wall'View 'Jt42 Worcestershire Beacon'View 'Jt41  Dawn Mist'View 'Jt40 The Old Barn'View 'Jt39 By The River Severn'View 'Jt38 Diglis'View 'Jt36 The Malverns From The East'View 'Jt35 Flowers & Windows'View 'Jt34 The Cornmarket- Worcester'View 'Jt33 River Severn'View 'Jt32 Evening Sun'

Peter J Wale   (view Gallery).

View 'The Malvern Hills From Powick'View 'Sidbury  Worcester'View 'Worcester Friar Street'View 'Worcester Cathedral From Diglis'View 'Diglis Basin 3'

Gary Walton   (view Gallery).

View 'Boats And Lighthouse (1)'View 'Steamer At Rest'

Frans Wesselman   (view Gallery).

View 'Yuyu'

David White   (view Gallery).

View 'Construction In Blue'View 'Construction In Red'

Steve White   (view Gallery).

View 'Blue Yacht With Five Fenders'View 'White Yacht'

Tom White   (view Gallery).

View 'Green Door'View 'Worcester City'View 'Painting'View 'Iconic Design'View 'Benz'View 'Laundry'View 'Cookies'View 'Porn'View 'Pawn'View 'Guitar Shop'View 'Friar Street Shadows'

John Whittall   (view Gallery).

View 'Pint Roses'

John Wood   (view Gallery).

View 'Jw11 In The Garden'View 'Jw5 Sunlight & Shadows'View 'Jw3 Yellow Field'View 'Jw7 Double Bell, Screech & Loop Bugle'View 'Jw6 Aboard Th E Pleasure Boat'View 'Over The Ridge'

Alan Yates   (view Gallery).

View 'The Malverns- Hope End View Colwell'View 'Claines Church -( Parish Church Of St John Baptist)'

Claire Yates   (view Gallery).

View 'Autumn Glow'View 'Red Abstract On Black 2'View 'Ready To Wash'View 'Ready To Eat 2'View 'Pebble Detail'View 'Sunlight'

The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester