Artists – V – The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester

Veevers, Joanna
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Joanna says
“A degree in textiles followed by an MA in ceramics at the RCA in 1985 reinforced a fascination with pattern and surface which permeates all my work whether it be ceramic slip cast tiles and panels, porcelain jewellery or mosaics.
Using a fine line scratched into plaster I lay down my imagery with slips in a sedimentary and modular way prior to casting…

Vlassopulos, Tina
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Artist Statement:-
Tina is a studio potter based in London producing one off hand built ceramics.
“The pots are all made with an eye to the possibility of function, although this is always balanced by the sculptural strengths of the forms. They are pots made contemplatively, for contemplation…

Volk, Patricia
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Heads have become an obsession to me.
My work represents the search to create modern icons, whether flawed Heroes, outwardly noble and courageous but nevertheless a victim of sorts, or ambiguous Virgins, the symbol of perfection but also of female repression. Both of history and of now…

The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester