Glass – The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester

The Gallery at Bevere near the City of Worcester is a regional centre of excellence
showing and selling high quality glass object’s d’art by highly esteemed makers.

Below is our current list of glass pieces. We are constantly updating our exhibits so please visit us again soon.

Adam Aaronson   (view Gallery).

View 'Aa4 Small Lilac/purple & Blue Coil Pot'

Stuart Akroyd   (view Gallery).

View 'Sa22 Saturn Vase'

Lesley Allen – Dring   (view Gallery).

View 'Lad3 Can You See Me Now'

Martin Andrews   (view Gallery).

View 'Ma15 Cobalt Footed Plate'

Jane Bevan   (view Gallery).

View '52jb  Large  Unframed Panel'

Simone Bremner   (view Gallery).

View 'Sb38 Thinking Of Leaving'View 'Sb37 Stuck'

Sally Fawkes   (view Gallery).

View 'Chance Exchange'View 'Ephemeral Skies'

Paul Floyd   (view Gallery).

View 'Landscape Detail'View 'Liquid Light'

Katie Green   (view Gallery).

Dean Hopkins   (view Gallery).

View 'Dh2 Aurora Light Form -red'

Richard Jackson   (view Gallery).

View 'Guarding The Heart'

Peter Layton   (view Gallery).

View '51 Aplo6 Spirale'View '50 Aplo5 Spirale'View '49 Aplo4 Spirale'View '48 Aplo3 Skyline'View '47 Aplo2 Skyline'View '46 Aplo1  Skyline'

Karinna Sellars   (view Gallery).

View 'Ks4 Moorish Vessel'View 'Ks3 Splash'View 'Ks10 Platypus Vase'View 'Ks8 Platypus Vase'View 'Ks4 Moorish Vessel'View 'Ks3 Splash'View 'Ks2 Ecstasy 2'

Carole Waller   (view Gallery).

View 'Cw3 Figure - 2   Glass Panels'

Kathryn Wightman   (view Gallery).

View 'Kw1  Eye Candy'

The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester