Original Prints – The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester

The Gallery at Bevere near the City of Worcester is a regional centre of excellence showing and selling
high quality original prints – etchings lithographs and from wood engravings by well known artists.

Below is our current list of original prints. We are constantly updating our exhibits so please visit us again soon.

Richard Corbett   (view Gallery).

View 'Autumn'

Andrew Judd   (view Gallery).

View 'Aj10 Malverns 1/45'

Karen Keogh   (view Gallery).

View 'By The Bhodi Tree 35/50'

Anita Klein   (view Gallery).

View 'Ak9 Little Sitting Angel'

Andy Lovell   (view Gallery).

View 'Wiltshire Cornfield 9/14'

Ian Mac Culloch   (view Gallery).

View '1m 41 Daisy Field A/p'View 'Im35 Leaping Hare A/p'View 'Im34 Last Lights A/p'View 'Im32 Moon Hare 11/40'

Pete Marsh   (view Gallery).

Kay Mcdonagh   (view Gallery).

View 'Dozer'View 'Give A Dog A Bone'View 'Ladyduck'View 'Lambchop'View 'Pugwash'View 'Dog  In  Black'View 'Bearing Up'View 'True  To  You'View 'Lulu'View 'Mice  Dreams'View 'Sleep  Tight'View 'Twist Of Fate'

Eric James Mellon   (view Gallery).

View 'Ejm66 Sarah 49/50'View 'Ejm20 Natalie Clein'View 'Ejm18 Noah'View 'Ejm15 Eve'View 'Ejm10  Head With Flowers'

Anja Percival   (view Gallery).

View 'Window Light 3 4/25'View 'City  Lines  25/35'View 'Interior Light 1   25/75'View 'Window Light 4   18/35'View 'Street Light 2 108/150'View 'Interior Light 3  6/50'View 'Window Light  7  21/35'View 'Window Light 9 12/35'

Susie Perring   (view Gallery).

View 'O Is For Orchid 4/150'View 'Night Birds 1/150'View 'Water Lilies 8/150'View 'Ripple Effect   13/150'View '0 Is For Orchid 6/150'View 'Night Birds - Artist's Proof'View 'Midnight Swim 2 19/150'View 'A Flash Of Gold 4/150'View 'Midnight Swim 1   21/150'View 'Lily Pool 20/150'View 'City Birds 19/150'View 'A Flash Of Gold 2/150'View 'Glow In The Dark 2/175'View 'Into The Sun 16/150'View 'Midnight Garden   Artist's Proof'View 'Dawn Chorus 26/100'View 'Into The Sun 16/150'View 'Pink Pagoda  8/100'View 'Swirl Of Starlings 9/150'View 'Birds In The Trees 47/175'View 'Repeat After Me  15/100'View 'Even Song  59/150'View 'Early Bird 54/150'


n Read   (view Gallery).

Sarah Ross Thompson   (view Gallery).

View '38 Waterside 10/30'View '37 Solitude 14/20'View '34 Forest Fire 8/20'View '33 The Avenue 7/20'View '32 Out Of The Woods 15/20'View '31 Poppyfield 8/20'View '30 Beyond The Pale 3/30'View '28 Moonrise 4/30'View '27 Out Of The Woods 7/20'View '26 Poppyfield 16/20'View '25 Cloud Menagerie 1/20'View '24 Beach Combing 12/30'

John Scott Martin   (view Gallery).

View 'Jsm23  " Marielle " Sailing Into The Sunset'

Peter Shread   (view Gallery).

View 'Ps54 Gwuan Valley Dyfed'View 'Ps51 Clent Valley'View 'Ps50 Habberley Valley 8/25'View 'Ps49 Autumn At Himley  A/p'View 'Ps45  A Hillside In Wales'View 'Ps43 Birmingham Canal 3 - ( Linocut ) 11/25'View 'Ps39 Landscape At Piran Andalucia'View 'Ps37 Nine Locks, Brierly Hill - Large'View 'Ps27 Stokesay Castle 8/25'View 'Ps26 Nine Locks - Brierly Hill A/p'View 'Ps24 Chase End - Malverns Uk A/p Artists Proof'View 'Ps23 Sunshine & Showers - Black Mountains'View 'Ps16 Welsh Landscape'View 'Ps15 Valley In Wales'View 'Ps13 Clent - Autumn'View 'Ps12 Pembrokeshire Coast'View 'Ps10 Morning - The Black Mountains'View 'Ps9 Clent - Walton Hill A/p 1/6'View 'Ps4 Porth Gain Harbour Pemboke'View 'Ps3 Engine House & Canal At Netherton'View 'Ps1 Canal At Netherton'

Joanna Veevers   (view Gallery).

Frans Wesselman   (view Gallery).

View 'Fw Owl 26/75'View 'Fw34 Unicorn11 49/50'View 'Fw33 Musicians 26/75'View 'Fw32 Candle Boats 20/75'View 'Fw25 Light House 7/50'

Catherine Williams   (view Gallery).

The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester