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All the ceramics are hand-made; thrown on the wheel by Rupert Johnstone and then hand painted by Alice Hartford. The current range is fired at earthenware temperature. Colour is first applied using various clay slips. When the clay slip is drying, scraffito tools are used to incise lines through the colour and create specific designs…

Read, Alison
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Alison is from Lincoln and specialises in hand made original prints in a variety of methods; Screenprints, Etchings/Aquatinting and Linocuts.
The subject matter is quirky, fun and mainly animal humour, but always different.

In the main, Alison is a known as a printmaker, although she has had commissions in bronze. She studied at Newcastle University, completing her B.A.(Hons) in Fine Art.

Rees, Nick
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View 'Nr17 Tall Facetted Bottle'

Nick Rees
Born 1949, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset
Nick Rees works as master potter for John Leach at Muchelney Pottery, hand-throwing a repeat range of stoneware kitchen pots and everyday tableware, as well as making individual signed pieces, mainly bottle and bowl forms in wood-fired stoneware.
Nick has worked with John Leach at the Pottery since 1972…

Richards, Andrew
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View 'Ar1 Yunomi (teabowl)'

” I have been making pots for over 20 years and exhibited all over Britain. My work has evolved and matured and followed many different styles and techniques, but eventually I have returned to my first love Wood Firing.”

Andrew uses local materials- clay, rocks and ash. He has built 2 kilns enabling him to produce a variety of work which reflects his own style

Richards, Christine -ann
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View 'Large Urn - Fire'

Christine-Ann Richards trained at Harrow School of Art and Technology with Mick Casson (1971-73), then worked with David Leach. In London, she started her own workshop as a member of the Barbican Arts Group (1975-83) and in 1976 was elected to membership of the Craftsmen Potters Association and the Society of Designer Craftsmen…

Richards, Nicola
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View 'Nr5 Small  Tall Pot With Neck - Urchin Pattern'

For many years I had been getting increasingly tired of the constraints of slip casting and glazing and had been searching for a freer way of working. Since 2000 two events have been central to my new way of working. A Jane Perryman five-day course and a trip to Malawi, working with Malawian potters, changed my whole outlook and presented me with a wealth of new possibilities…

Robinson, John
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View 'Self Portrait Of A Musician'

While studying art in 1999 John won the Peter Spicer Student of the Year award. Part of his prize was an exhibition of his work at the Bevere Vivis Gallery in Worcester UK which was the forerunner of the Gallery at Bevere.

John paintings are documents of a strange unknown performance. Narratives are subtly unraveled and then contradicted…

Robison, Jim
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Jim Robison’s primary focus is the creation of ceramics with sculptural and architectural applications. These are often slab-ware vessels, which are individual pieces and sculpture commissions.

He is a frequent demonstrator and is well known for his lectures and courses. He is an elected Fellow of the Craft Potters Association…

Rogers, Phil
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My work is divided approximately equally between two kilns. About half is Salt Glazed in a 60 cu.ft. kiln that is fired with propane gas and the other half in my old and trusted oil fired kiln of 75 cu.ft.
Salt Glazing is an exciting, but often less than predictable, method of firing pottery. As the kiln approaches the height of the firing the temperature has risen to a white hot 1260C…

Ross Thompson, Sarah
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View '27 Out Of The Woods 7/20'

Sarah Ross-Thompson is a Fine Art Printmaker specialising in hand-inked, original collagraph prints inspired by the Dorset landscape.
Using carefully built collage blocks, her work combines the vibrant colours of oil-based printing inks with the textural qualities of the materials she uses. This combination produces a distinctive look that makes her work instantly recognisable…

Ross, Vivienne
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All Vivienne’s work is made using red earthenware clay, which is decorated using coloured slips and underglazes. Her interest lies in making pots which act as containers for both objects and ideas. Each piece is unique; hand-made, individually decorated and signed…

Rossman, Fritz
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In this exhibition he works with porcelain with a red slip, creating characteristic horizontal banding with contrasting glazed and unglazed areas.
His forms are decidedly contemporary, bearing little resemblance to any ceramic traditions.
Fritz is a skilled thrower as anyone seeing his demonstrations will confirm.

Ruggiero, Nici
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View 'Nr7  Pucker  Pot 2 ( Small)'

“Ambiguity surrounds my work, through which I strive to sensitively engage the viewer.
Thrown, altered and nurtured on the potter’s wheel or meticulously hand built using coils, my sculptural monochromic vessels are Raku fired and then left naked without glaze, only dressed by delicate decoration painted in smoke…

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