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Press and News - THE CHRISTMAS SHOW - The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester - The Gallery at Bevere is a major centre for modern and contemporary studio ceramics and pottery - along with quality paintings and original prints, glass artworks, woodwork, metalwork and jewellery by well known British and International Artists - Framing, Café and Summer Sculpture Trail.


An exhibition of Ceramics and Paintings

6th December – 28th December 2008

Paintings – Carolyn Genders, Vivienne Ross, Sarah Hillman, Stine Jesperson, Akiko Hirai

Ceramics – John Harris And Richard Tratt

With Christmas approaching, it’s a great time to visit The Gallery for stress-free shopping in a relaxed atmosphere where you will be able to find unique gift ideas for the art-loving friend or family member. The Café Upstairs will be open offering locally sourced and hand made light bites and drinks.

December’s exhibition, as befits the season, has something for everyone – a mix of established tradition and contemporary sensibilities. The unique voice of each artist and ceramicist ensures that there will be beauty, elegance, humour and artistry.

The Gallery offers a complete framing service and the team are happy to discuss your framing requirements in order to give you a no obligation quote for any piece of artwork or object. Some of the more unusual items they have framed have been a cricket bat, stumps and ball, Spanish decorative fans, fossils, children’s resin footprints, Christening robes and assorted collectibles – from cast lead soldiers to Scalextric cars! In fact, the team love the challenge of the more unusual items.

Artist and Makers Information and Quotes

Carolyn Genders explains “Nature continues to be the over-riding inspiration for my work: pebbles, rock strata, space and distance and landscape all excite me, generating ideas. Sketchbook drawings and notes record my personal vision and direct response to the rhythm and movement, surface and pattern of landscape and natural forms.”

“Using these observations to release my ideas, I create pieces that are an integration of form and surface. I am intrigued by the three dimensionality of form and of how it is visually altered by the addition of surface texture or pattern: distorted or enhanced, emphasising nuance of shape, creating mood and atmosphere.”

Vivienne Ross says “I work with a red earthenware clay which is decorated using coloured slips and under-glazes. My interest lies in making pots which act as containers for both objects and ideas. The shapes are kept simple, made using hand processes such as press-moulding, coiling and slabbing.”

Sarah Hillman’s ceramics are free from the constraints of modern life, she aims to lift our senses out of routine by creating a connection that grips the body, not fighting to be understood, but demanding to be felt. Lost in a state of aesthetic contemplation her work aims to ignite our senses in an increasingly standardised world. Driven by the unique responsive qualities of clay, Sarah creates ceramic forms that respond to the flowing contours of the body. The rhythm and movement created through her work captivates the viewer in an intimate reciprocal engagement.

Stine Jespersen explains “I make sculptural ceramics to be used in a domestic setting, including vessels and wall-pieces.”

“From tubes and coils I chop and tear off pieces of clay, then pinch and press them together around plaster forms or in moulds. This act of repeatedly chopping, tearing, pinching and pressing creates a rhythm and a flow as slight variations between the elements naturally appear. It is like visual music.”

“Working with ceramic archetypes, such as the bowl shape, provides an access point for the viewer, and from here I can twist their understanding. It is syncopated, like playing against an underlying beat. Working with contrasts is a key inspiration, whether in colour and texture, order and chaos, or by combining industrial processes and hand building.”

Akiko Hirai produces domestic ware for everyday use. She bases her designs on Japanese aesthetics of relativity, the beauty of imperfection, irregularity, spontaneity, and impurity. It is a white slip wear depiction of a woman who is wearing white make-up. It is called Kohiki (powder blown) ware.

John Harris is essentially a landscape artist; John wanders from Worcestershire scenes to Africa and the Middle East in search of varied subjects. The Rivers Severn, the Usk and the Wye are frequently depicted in his work but of late, he has been moving to more abstract responses to rivers and estuaries. He trained at the College of Art, Cardiff following which John spent 25 years in art education in Wales, Malawi and England, becoming a full time painter in 1986 based in Worcestershire.

John has had work selected in the Royal Institute of Watercolourists exhibitions at the Mall Galleries, London; was Welsh Artist of the year in Cardiff and winner of the Elgar’s Places competition held at the Elgar Birthplace Museum in 2007 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the composer’s birth.

Richard Tratt paints a variety of wildlife subjects. He is particularly well known for his Wild Habitat oil paintings featuring British Butterflies. He finds the British Countryside an endless source of inspiration. He likes to work on large canvasses depicting lush wildflower meadows, downland slopes and overgrown glades. He also produces smaller, more intimate studies for individual species

He has recently had a book published: Butterfly landscapes which covers all UK species in natural settings.

Forthcoming events and exhibitions

10th January – 1st February 2009

The Graduate Show

2nd October – 31st October 2010

New Creations

4th September – 26th September 2010

Eric James Mellon – Potter and Painter

7th August – 29th August 2010

The German Show – an exciting mix of styles and approaches in German studio pottery

3rd July – 1st August 2010

In the New Space – The Bowl

5th June – 27th June 2010

The Summer Show In the New Space

30th April – 30th May 2010

Of the Earth – Chris Carter – A solo show by one of the singular voices of studio ceramics

6th March – 28th March 2010

The Salt Show – An exhibition to demonstrate the growing interest in salt glazing and the diversity of the styles and approaches

6th March – 28th March 2010

The Salt Show – An exhibition to demonstrate the growing interest in salt glazing and the diversity of the styles and approaches

6th February – 28th February 2010

Figuratively Speaking – The first figurative / sculptural ceramic exhibition that has been mounted at the gallery. It involves a number of the most exciting artists in contemporary ceramics

9th January – 31st January 2010

The Graduate Show – brings together some of the most promising ceramic and applied arts graduates from the 2009 graduation

5th December – 31st December 2009

The Christmas Show – Across the galleries a diverse range of ceramics, paintings, prints, jewellery, glass, floral designs and wood with Christmas in mind

7th November – 29th November 2009

Out of the Fire – An exhibition of ceramics by potters for whom the firing process is more than the final stage of the making process

3rd October – 1st November 2009

Print and Clay – An exhibition of ceramics and original prints

5th Spetember – 27th September 2009

Out of America – An exhibition of ceramics and original photographs

8th August – 30th August 2009

Pattern, Colour and Form

4th July – 2nd August 2009

Art Europe / John Piper

6th June – 28th June 2009

The Glass and Wood Show / Ceramics by Jill Fanshawe Kato

2nd May – 31st May 2009

South Wales Potters Association Group Show

4th April – 26th April 2009

TOGETHER – An exhbition of ceramics, bronze and paintings

7th March – 29th March 2009


7th February – 1st March 2009


10th January – 1st February 2009

THE GRADUATE SHOW 09 – Featuring work by 21 Graduates from 2008 in Ceramics, Glass, Wood, Textiles, Metal and Painting

6th December – 28th December 2008

THE CHRISTMAS SHOW – An exhibition of Ceramics and Paintings

1st November – 28th December 2008

Christmas Courtyard – selling locally made individual stylish decorations for Christmas and beyond

4th October – 30th November 2008

Form, Tone and Texture – An exhibition of Ceramics and Paintings

6th September – 28th September 2008

MASTERS OF THEIR ART – An exhibition of Ceramics and Paintings by highly regarded experts

5th July – 31st August 2008

SUMMER EXHIBITION – Sculptures, Ceramics and Paintings

7th June – 29th June 2008

Henri Matisse at The Gallery – An exhibition of Henri Matisse Original Lithographs

5th April – 1st June 2008

The Art Of Dining – An exhibition of Paintings and Ceramics

1st March – 30th March 2008

From The Same Earth – An exhibition of Pastel Paintings and Ceramics

12th January – 24th February 2008

The Graduate Show – update

12th January – 24th February 2008

The Graduate Show – Work by 17 of the best graduates from 2007 in ceramics and glass

1st December – 30th December 2007

Full Circle – Greece and Bevere – an exhibition of original paintings by Christopher Hughes

3rd November – 25th November 2007

Individual Voices – an exhibition of Ceramics and Paintings

6th October – 28th October 2007

Tradition and Talent – an exhibition of Ceramics and Paintings

1st September – 29th September 2007

Peninsula Exhibition – an exhibition of Ceramics and Paintings

4th August – 25th August 2007

Exploring new boundaries – an exhibition of Ceramics and Paintings

1st July – 28th July 2007

If you go down to the woods today……

2nd June – 28th July 2007

The Craft Potters Association at fifty – a veritable who’s who and A-Z of style, technique and expression

5th May – 26th May 2007

“New Pots” solo exhibition featuring stoneware pottery by Phil Rogers

7th April – 28th April 2007

“Spring Surprises – New Vessels” featuring John Jelfs with Claudia Lis and Françoise Dufayard

3rd March – 31st March 2007

“Figures, Objects, Abstracts” featuring John Higgins, Jude Jelfs and Christy Keeney

3rd Feb – 24th Feb 2007

“Difference and Diversity in Clay” by Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Clare Crouchman, Ninna Gøtzsche, Annabel Faraday and James and Tilla Waters

6th Jan – 22nd Jan 2007

“New Faces, New Work” by 2005 Degree Show potters from Harrow and Wolverhampton Schools of Ceramics

2nd Dec – 30th Dec 2006

“Raku – The Spirit in the Fire” works by Tim Andrews, David Jones and Emma Johnstone

4th Nov – 25th Nov 2006

Porcelain – A Capricious Beauty” by Chris Keenan, Jack Doherty and Joanna Howells

7th Oct – 28th Oct 2006

An exhibition of Ceramics by Emma Rodgers and Tina Vlassopulos

2nd Sept – 30th Sept 2006

“Now and Then” by Jitka Palmer and Earthenware, Stoneware and Porcelain by Roger Lewis

5th Aug – 26th Aug 2006

“Ceramics by Two Potters”

1st July – 29th July 2006

Solo ceramics exhibition by Paul Jackson.

3rd June – 24th June 2006

Ceramics and Art Exhibition – Featuring slipware pottery by Clive Bowen and Michael Eden.

5th May – 27th May 2006

Ceramics Exhibition – Featuring the works of Jane Hamlyn, John Pollex and Gilda Westermann

The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester
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