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Press and News - Slipware - Two Masters - The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester - The Gallery at Bevere is a major centre for modern and contemporary studio ceramics and pottery - along with quality paintings and original prints, glass artworks, woodwork, metalwork and jewellery by well known British and International Artists - Framing, Café and Summer Sculpture Trail.

Slipware – Two Masters Clive Bowen and Michael Eden

Ceramics and Art Exhibition – 3rd June – 24th June 2006
Featuring slipware pottery by Clive Bowen and Michael Eden.
Also paintings by Gary Walton and Sue Howells;
wood turnings by Mark Hancock
and glass and etchings by Frans Wesselman

The Galley at Bevere continues its exciting new programme of ceramics exhibitions with a display of the works of two of the nation’s leading slipware potters, Clive Bowen and Mike Eden. The exhibition opens on Saturday, 3rd June and runs through to Saturday, 24th June.

An acknowledged master of the art, Cardiff-born Clive Bowen was initially a student of painting and etching before taking up an apprenticeship at Yelland Pottery, Devon in 1965. He set up on his own pottery near Holsworthy, North Devon in 1971. Clive said, “My pots are made in the local Fremington clay, a red earthenware clay in use for centuries for traditional North Devon wares. They are almost all wheel thrown with the exception of a few hand-pressed dishes. The double-chambered kiln holds 1000 pots and it can take five days to pack for the 30 hour firing. The pots are decorated by a variety of methods; slip-trailing, using different coloured liquid clays, combing and sgraffito. Most of the work is raw glazed, that is. The glaze is applied to the decorated pots without a preliminary biscuit firing The combination of the simple materials and the smoke and flame of the wood firing impart a great richness and depth to the finished pots.”

Cumbria based Mike Eden provides a more contemporary take on slipware decoration, demonstrating how traditional techniques can be used in a contemporary context. He says, “I have been making slipware since 1984. Throughout this period I have striven to make pots that contain the essential essence of slipware yet reflect something of myself and the world in which we live. This has been achieved through continuous research and regular travel in order to understand the history, culture and craft skills of the medium. … I recently started using CAD/CAM to assist my investigations into form and proportion.”

The Gallery at Bevere was relaunched in May by ceramics critic David Whiting as a regional centre for ceramics. The monthly series of ceramics exhibitions run from the first Saturday to the last Saturday of the month, showcasing the richness, diversity and high quality of contemporary studio pottery. Gallery owner Kim Taylor said, “Functional and decorative pots feature strongly in our daily lives, as they have for thousands of years, but most of us take their presence for granted as we drink our coffee and eat our meals. Through this series of exhibitions, The Gallery at Bevere has set out to demonstrate that pots and ceramic art are far from mundane and provide a source of visual and tactile pleasure and stimulation. These ceramicists demonstrate how simple jugs, cups or containers are undoubted works of art.”

Regular visitors to these exhibitions will be able to appreciate the wide range of techniques, designs and decoration both functional and non-functional that represent ceramic art today.

In addition to ceramics, The Gallery’s refurbished and rebuilt space will continue to feature paintings and other works of art. From May 6th until July 29th, this will include original watercolours by Birmingham based Sue Howells, the top selling female artist in print as reported by the Fine Art Trade Guild, and Worcester born Gary Walton; works by internationally renowned wood turner Mark Hancock, who now lives in Pershore; and glass and etchings by Shropshire based Frans Wesselman.

Self-taught artist Sue Howells has providing work for Harrods and John Lewis, as well as for galleries abroad from the USA to New Zealand, and she also provides paintings for TV programs and advertisements. Sue says, “I like to paint solely in watercolours, because I think it lets me produce pictures which are both energetic and which have a strong compositional value.”

A former pupil of King Edward VI Grammar School, Stratford-upon-Avon, and one time payroll assistant, the award-winner and prolific exhibitor Mark Hancock has been a full time woodturner since 1990 when he gained his Woodturning Certificate of Achievement (NROVA). Since he turned professional he has exhibited widely in Great Britain, America and Europe and his work is held in many collections, public and private around the world. Commissions have included 17 sycamore vessels for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for presentation to European Union Foreign Ministers.

Artists in Residence:
June 10 – Pascale Bigot (Pastels);
June 17 – Linda Judkin (watercolours and oils);
June 27 – Valerie Briggs (graphite and watercolours).

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Ceramics and Art Exhibition – Featuring slipware pottery by Clive Bowen and Michael Eden.

5th May – 27th May 2006

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The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester
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