Exhibitions – BEYOND THE TRADITION – The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester

Exhibitions - BEYOND THE TRADITION - The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester - The Gallery at Bevere is a major centre for the visual Arts, offering high quality exhibitions and sale of artwork by top well known International and British artists- paintings, ceramics, glasswork, woodwork and metalwork. Open Gardens/sculpture trail (in Summer), framing and Café.


Yo Thom
•Ashley Howard
•Lisa Hammond
•Vicky Shaw

Sat, 7th Feb 2009 – Sun, 1st Mar 2009

This exhibition explores the way in which the tradition of Japanese ceramics has been absorbed and developed in the 21st century.

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Current Exhibitions

Sat, 6th Dec 2008 –
Sun, 28th Dec 2008 THE CHRISTMAS SHOW -An exhibition of Ceramics, Paintings and More Ceramics – Carolyn Genders, Vivienne Ross, Sarah Hillman, Stine Jespersen, Akiko Hirai Paintings – John Harris and Richard Tratt Decorative Art – Anita

Upcoming Exhibitions

Sat, 10th Jan 2009 –
Sun, 1st Feb 2009 Stepping Out 2009 THE GRADUATE SHOW As well as showing the established names in ceramics and other crafts, we believe that we have a role in promoting the work of those talented artists/makers that emerge each year from colleges and universities PRINTS FOR CHILDREN & THE YOUNG AT HEART – In The Café Sat, 7th Mar 2009 –
Sun, 29th Mar 2009 HUMOUR AND THE SURREAL Ceramists Consuelo Radclyffe •Amanda Popham •Ross Emerson •Prue Cooper •Ronnie Fulton •Hollie Wright Sat, 4th Apr 2009 –
Sun, 26th Apr 2009 TOGETHER Frank and Janet Hamer •Jane and Ted Hamlyn •Nigel and Libby Edmondson •Alasdair and Sally MacDonell •David and Margaret Frith •John and Jude Jelfs Sat, 2nd May 2009 –
Sun, 31st May 2009 SOUTH WALES POTTERS Welsh Artists Sat, 6th Jun 2009 –
Sun, 28th Jun 2009 THE GLASS AND WOOD SHOW + Garden Show •Jill Fanshawe Kato Sat, 4th Jul 2009 –
Sun, 2nd Aug 2009 ART EUROPE + Garden Show France – Thiebaut Chagué •Germany – Petra Bittl •Belgium – Patty Wouters •Holland – Toon Thijs •Spain – May Criado •Italy – Pietro Elia Maddalena •Austria – Petra Lutnyk •Denmark –Aase Hagaard •UK – Sebastian Blackie Sat, 5th Sep 2009 –
Sun, 27th Sep 2009 MASTERS OF THEIR ART Ceramists Thomas Hoadley • Sat, 3rd Oct 2009 –
Sun, 1st Nov 2009 PRINT AND CLAY Ceramists •David Rhys Jones •Annabel Faraday •Joanna Veevers •Jo Lee •Fiona Thompson •Patrick King •Paul Scott Sat, 7th Nov 2009 –
Sun, 29th Nov 2009 OUT OF THE FIRE Ceramists Nic Collins •Ben Brierley •Peter Hayes •Ardine Spitters

Past Exhibitions

Sat, 4th Oct 2008 –
Sun, 30th Nov 2008 FORM, TONE AND TEXTURE Ceramics by Regina Heinz, Tim Andrews, Matthew Chambers, Lisa Ellul Paintings – Landscapes in watercolours and oils Ian Cruickshank, Rod Willis, Trevor Smith, Linda Judkins, Beth Fletcher, Sarah Whapples, Jules Smith and Thelma Ayers. Sat, 6th Sep 2008 –
Sun, 28th Sep 2008 MASTERS OF THEIR ART An Exhibition of Ceramics by two Master Potters Walter Keeler and Takeshi Yasuda Paintings by highly regarded artists John Whittall, Howard Coles, Paul Talbot-Greaves and Sue Howells. Sat, 5th Jul 2008 –
Sun, 31st Aug 2008 SUMMER EXHIBITION-Sculptures, Ceramics and Paintings – A Veritable Feast For The Senses DECORATION Ceramics Jean-Paul Landreau, Mark Dally, Bridget Drakeford, Jim Robison DETAIL Paintings Thelma Ayre, David Poxon, Niall Mc William, Trudy Lyn, Valerie Briggs, Claire Yates, Mike Salt Sat, 7th Jun 2008 –
Sun, 29th Jun 2008 HENRI MATISSE at The Gallery An exhibition and sale of Henri Matisse’s Original Lithographs Sat, 7th Jun 2008 –
Sun, 29th Jun 2008 EXPRESSION AND HARMONY Exhibition of Ceramics by Antonia Salmon; Jack Doherty; Gary Wood; Ruthanne Tudball Sat, 7th Jun 2008 –
Sun, 7th Sep 2008 GALLERY IN THE GARDEN – SUMMER SHOW An exhibition of outdoor work to include glass, ceramics and metal pieces located in the woods and on the lawns Sat, 5th Apr 2008 –
Sun, 1st Jun 2008 THE ART OF DINING – An exhibition of Paintings and Ceramics CERAMICS – Kiln to Table Jennifer Hall, Josie Walter, Graham Hudson, Morgen Hall, RAMP, Martin Lungley, Tanya Gomez, John Leach, Jan Kare Myklebust, Kaori Tatebayshi, Ninna Gotsche, Sun Kim, Jane Cox, Katrin Moye Traditional or leading edge contemporary, their work enhances the pleasure of eating as well as bringing art and craft to the dining table. PAINTINGS- Still life and Floral Artists- Nel Whatmore, Beth Fletcher, Libby Edmondson, Cathy Savells, Paul Stone, Chris Howells, Bridget Rochford • Sat, 1st Mar 2008 –
Sun, 30th Mar 2008 FROM THE SAME EARTH – An exhibition of Pastel Paintings and Ceramics Painting – Pastels Jenny Keal, John Scott Martin, John Wood, Pascale Bigot, Vivien Bromley, Helen Harnett and Alan Yates Ceramics – New Work for Spring Joy Bosworth, Jean Jenkins, Andrew Palin, Susan Nemeth and Jenny Beavan Sat, 12th Jan 2008 –
Sun, 24th Feb 2008 THE GRADUATE SHOW Work by 17 of the best graduates from 2007 in ceramics and glass 2007 was a vintage year and the graduates in this exhibition are those that the gallery felt have a distinctive voice and the talent to make their careers in studio glass and ceramics Sat, 12th Jan 2008 –
Sun, 24th Feb 2008 NEW BEGINNINGS – New abstract, contemporary and modern landscape paintings with textile work by well established professional artists Sat, 1st Dec 2007 –
Sun, 30th Dec 2007 FULL CIRCLE – Greece and Bevere An exhibition of original paintings by Christopher Hughes Also featuring Ceramics by Kyoko Takahashi, Jacob van der Beugel, Jo Lee, Allison Weightman and Diederik & Wied Heyning Sat, 1st Dec 2007 –
Sun, 30th Dec 2007 CHRISTMAS SHOW 2007(Ceramics, Sculpture, Paintings, Prints, Glass, Wood Art, Metalwork and Jewellery) Ceramics by Kyoko Takahashi Jacob van der Beugel Jo Lee Allison Weightman Diederik & Wied Heyning – Prints by Shirley Hughes, Dick Bruna and Quenton Blake ——– In addition to our featured makers and artists listed above we offer a wide variety of ceramics, glass, wood, books, prints, cards, jewellery and original paintings for sale. Sat, 3rd Nov 2007 –
Sun, 25th Nov 2007 INDIVIDUAL VOICES- Ceramics and Paintings Ceramics by Craig Underhill, Emily Myers and Lisa Katzenstein and paintings by Worcester artists Alan and Claire Yates ———- In addition to our featured makers and artists listed above we offer a wide variety of ceramics, glass, wood, books, prints, cards, jewellery and original paintings for sale Sat, 6th Oct 2007 –
Sun, 28th Oct 2007 TRADITION AND TALENT- An Exhibition of Ceramics and Paintings Ceramics by Jim Malone – highly regarded stoneware potter Paintings by Worcestershire artist Chris Howells Sat, 1st Sep 2007 –
Sun, 30th Sep 2007 PENINSULAR EXHIBITION – Ceramics and paintings An exhibition of Ceramics and Paintings New works by Cornish ceramicists John Bedding, John Pollex and Tim Gee and paintings by Cornish born Michael Praed and Cornophil Valerie Briggs Fri, 3rd Aug 2007 –
Fri, 31st Aug 2007 CERAMICS ??“ Exploring New Bounderies Exhibition of Ceramics by Will Levi Marshall, Daniel Smith and Fritz Rossman New paintings by House Artist Trevor Smith Sat, 2nd Jun 2007 –
Sat, 1st Sep 2007 Sculpture Trail at the Gallery at Bevere ‘Sculpture is an art of the open air. Daylight, sunlight is necessary to it, and for me its best setting and complement is nature’. Henry Moore. Celebrating 50 of the CPA 21 Sculptors form a Woodland and Garden Trail – Sat, 2nd Jun 2007 –
Sat, 28th Jul 2007 Craft Potter Association at 50 Celebrating 50 years- Exhibition and sale of ceramics by over 40 members of the CPA in the Gallery and 21 member’s sculptures in the gardens and woodland. Sat, 5th May 2007 –
Sat, 26th May 2007 PHIL ROGERS -New Pots Phil Rogers- Stoneware Pottery, new paintings by watercolourist Ian Cruickshank, blown glass by Karinna Sellars, Dean Hopkins and paintings and craftwork by other professional house artists Sat, 7th Apr 2007 –
Sat, 28th Apr 2007 Ceramics and Art Exhibition – Spring Surprises ??“ New Vessels Featuring ceramics by John Jelfs with Claudia Lis and Françoise Dufayard. Also new paintings by Michael Salt and other professional house artists Sat, 3rd Mar 2007 –
Sat, 31st Mar 2007 Ceramics and Art Exhibition – FIGURES, OBJECTS, ABSTRACTS This exhibition will provoke and amuse as well as demonstrate the point at which ceramics and fine art meet. Two figurative potters bring their particular perspective to the human form and John Higgins thrown and slabbed pots provide a strong contrast. Sat, 3rd Feb 2007 –
Sat, 24th Feb 2007 Exhibition of Ceramics and Artwork – “Difference and Diversity in Clay” This group show brings together both new and established potters to demonstrate the versatility of ceramic art and craft. Yet another opportunity to admire the skill and ingenuity of contemporary studio potters. Sat, 6th Jan 2007 –
Sat, 27th Jan 2007 New Faces ??“ New Work The works of four of the most talented potters to graduate in 2005 from Harrow and Wolverhampton Schools of Ceramics. Bill Kohler, Gunizi Amirak, Magdalena Gazur and Jean Jenkins Also new works by house artist Linda Judkins Sat, 2nd Dec 2006 –
Sat, 30th Dec 2006 Ceramic and Art Exhibition “Raku ??“ The Spirit in the Fire” The ceramic art of Raku, the origins of which lie in the Japanese tea ceremony, is the focus of the December exhibition. Featuring works of ceramicists Tim Andrews, David Jones and Emma Johnstone and new work by artist Claire Yates and other House Artist Sat, 4th Nov 2006 –
Sat, 25th Nov 2006 Porcelain ??“ A Capricious Beauty Ceramics and Art Exhibition by ceramists Chris Keenan, Jack Doherty and Joanna Howells Also “Fruit” collection of new paintings by house artist Chris Howells and others Sat, 7th Oct 2006 –
Sat, 28th Oct 2006 Essence and Abstraction- Ceramic Sculpture and Sinuous Vessels An exhibition of ceramics by Emma Rodgers and Tina Vlassopulos Also a new collection of hare studies by house artist Valerie Briggs Sat, 2nd Sep 2006 –
Sat, 30th Sep 2006 – “Now and Then” – Jitka Palmer and “Earthenware, Stoneware and Porcelain” by Roger Lewis Exhibition of the work of two leading potters. Supported by marine artists Duncan Macgregor and Richard Pargeter; glass by Martin Andrews; garden art by Nigel Edmondson, Sarah Walton, Christine-Ann Richards and Katie Green. New works by house artists Sat, 5th Aug 2006 –
Sat, 26th Aug 2006 Ceramics by Two Potters- Carolyn Genders and Kochevet Bendavid Two of the country’s leading potters, Kochevet Bendavid and Carolyn Genders, show off their contrasting styles Sat, 1st Jul 2006 –
Sat, 29th Jul 2006 Paul Jackson – New Work Solo Ceramics ExhibitionThe gallery’s first one man show. Renowned ceramist Paul Jackson will be showing a wide range of his latest work Sat, 3rd Jun 2006 –
Sat, 24th Jun 2006 Slipware -The Two Masters Featuring slipware pottery by Clive Bowen and Michael Eden. Also paintings by Gary Walton and Sue Howells; wood turnings by Mark Hancock; glass and etchings by Frans Wesselman and new works by house artists Sat, 6th May 2006 –
Sat, 27th May 2006 Launch Exhibition – Fire Form and Function Featuring the ceramic works of Jane Hamlyn, John Pollex and Gilda Westermann. Paintings by Sue Howells and Gary Walton and new works by house artists Sat, 1st Apr 2006 –
Sun, 30th Apr 2006 Peter Spicer ‘Young Artist of the Year’ 2005 Exhibition Seeing your work displayed in public must be the dream of many an aspiring artist, but for two former Worcester Sixth Form College students the dream becomes reality with a month-long exhibition of their paintings Fri, 3rd Mar 2006 –
Sun, 26th Mar 2006 Springtime Landscapes Exhibition of new works to herald the coming of Spring. Fri, 3rd Feb 2006 –
Thu, 2nd Mar 2006 “Portrait and Life Studies” The Gallery and Picture Framing at Bevere, near Worcester, is to host it’s first ever exhibition exclusively dedicated to portrait and life studies.

The Gallery at Bevere, Worcester
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